‚ÄčA system of diagnostic and treatment functions of the muscular skeletal system, bones and nerve.  Not all chiropractors are alike in their practice.  Meaning some chiropractors only adjust/manipulate the spine aspect of the body.  This misconception prevents patients from seeking treatment for other areas of the body with chiropractic.  The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) advocates spinal and joint adjustment, with modalities such as therapeutic massage, rehabilitation, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and dietary needs or supplementation.  Our practice is not limited to the spine or adjustment only mentality.  Nor do we take the approach that chiropractic is a one stop fix all.  Going to your urologist to help correct or reduce pain for a broken ankle would make no sense.  Each branch of medicine be it traditional or alternative have a place.  Our place is to help, prevent or manage both spine, joint, muscular and nerve pain.  We are results driven.

       - "the chiropractor is my favorite doctor to see.  I walk out feeling immediately better" - JM

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