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Chiropractic can best be described as a total approach to health that utilizes various methods except drugs and surgery.  At Chiropractic Associates we focus on musculoskeletal complaints of the entire body.  This means all joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscles of every body part, including, but not limited to the spine. The includes the Temporal Mandibular Joint and Head, Extremities and  Chest and Ribs.  In addition, we treat overall health issues such as sinusitis, IBS, ADHD, Tinnitus, Migraine and various headaches, vitamin deficiencies, and various anxiety related concerns, to name a few of the conditions we treat. 

We focus on finding the underlying cause for the complaint.  We are not going to add a medication to your list.  Per The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2015, 59% of Americans over 20 utilize at least one prescription medication, while 15% of the population uses 5 or more medications.  Instead, we are going to identify your individual predispositions and habits, and tailor our treatment to you. 

At Chiropractic Associates, we primarily perform manual manipulative techniques, versus instrument adjusting.  However, we are qualified to perform it all, and on any given day, may reach for numerous of the hundreds of styles of Chiropractic Manipulation.  Our goal is to individualize it to your needs, concerns and even your fears. 

Dr. Nicole Miklos is one of very few practitioners in the area who utilize Cox Flexion-Distraction Therapy, best known for the treatment of disc injuries, disc degeneration, and stenosis.  Disc injuries can be intimidating.  It is very reassuring to realize that your provider taught at the post-doctoral level, one of the most renowned and well-researched chiropractic techniques for discogenic spinal pain. 

All chiropractors in the State of Ohio are licensed physicians who are able to perform numerous treatment methodologies.  It is in their scope of practice to order any imaging such as x-ray, CT, and MRI.  Chiropractic Associates has on site imaging for our patients' convenience.  Chiropractors are also licensed and trained to order and interpret laboratory studies.  While many experience their first visit to a chiropractor for neck pain, back pain, pinched nerve or headaches, many more go further to see what options exist for wellness care, without drugs or surgery, for their overall health care.

All massage therapy at Chiropractic Associates is performed by Ohio Licensed Massage Therapists, (L.M.T.)  This is an important distinction as Ohio law does not require all massage therapists to be licensed.  An LMT is trained to treat the body with a variety of techniques directed towards the soft tissue of the body.  This includes the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments of the body.  Because every joint in the body is comprised of a combination of these soft tissues and bone, massage is the perfect correlate with chiropractic care.  Oftentimes, Dr. Miklos will prescribe massage therapy to aid in the treatment she is rendering.

We put our LMT's head and shoulders above their peers.  They are trained to perform therapeutic massage therapy, targeting a specific complaint or injury, as well as total body wellness care.  Every person performs activities that predispose us to certain problems or injuries.  This may be work related, recreational, or simply everyday tasks.  At Chiropractic Associates, we encourage the use of massage therapy to treat current problems as well as future ones, making massage a pivotal component of our wellness recommendations. 

Our goal is to communicate your individual needs and desires, to formulate a plan of chiropractic and massage therapy working in harmony.  We achieve this through Dr. Miklos' specialized training of the LMT's in our employ.  It continues with Dr. Miklos and the LMT's working side by side, communicating using the same patient record, and all parties being available should a question or concern need immediate attention. 

The success of our massage and chiropractic program together is demonstrated in daily recovery of the difficult injuries, but also each and every time we individually assess whether that musculoskeletal pain stems from a more serious problem elsewhere in the body.  Our patient's have the peace of mind knowing that our expertise allows us to identify those problems that should not be treated in our office setting.  While it may not seem wise to admit we cannot treat every problem, we have come to the conclusion that our smartest individuals can admit what they don't know, or in our case, what we cannot treat.

At Chiropractic Associates, our LMT's provide successful outcomes for various surgical recoveries, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety, Pregnancy and lymphedema, to name a few.  We have the equipment and experience to accommodate a patient unable to lay down or tolerate the "typical massage."