​Amanda Adams is the Office Manager of Chiropractic Associates. She has been with the practice for over 10 years.   Amanda                                               manages the clinic from start to finish, handling daily operations, billing and insurance. Her expertise in managing office                                                 functions is what allows Dr. Miklos to focus on patient care. This unique structure is what enables Chiropractic Associates                                                 to offer exceptional patient care with the primary focus being on patient care and customer service.

                                              Amanda is directly responsible for Chiropractic Associates essential oil line by doTERRA.   Her concerns about providing                                                   her family with natural alternatives led her down a path of whole body wellness through essential oils. She is fond of saying, "there is an oil option for nearly everything!" She is the expert on utilizing doTERRA essential oils for physical ailments, wellness, mental health stress reduction, relaxation and of course aromatherapy.  She has a special interest in the use essential oils in neurological disorders such as autism, learning disabilities and ADHD.  Amanda lives in Medina with her husband, Joe, and their 2 boys, Joey & Levi. Her passion is providing quality natural, organic healthcare options to patients.​

                                                ​​Dr. Nicole Miklos is a graduate of both Brunswick High School and St. Ambrose Elementary School. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in                                                       Human Biology, Summa Cum Laude, and is a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois.                                                 During her studies, Dr. Miklos specialized in a technique known as Cox Flexion-Distraction. This technique particularly targets treatment                                                       methods for disc injuries of the spine, and is one of many utilized in her practice.

                                               After receiving her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1999, Dr. Miklos was an associate doctor for a clinic in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, IL.                                                Her time at this practice encompassed many roles. While still in school, she was employed as a chiropractic assistants and became well versed                                                on the business practices of chiropractic. She was able to make the transition within the practice as a treating provider for many of the same                                                  patients she had been seeing for years.

In 2000, Dr. Miklos returned to her hometown, opening Chiropractic Associates in the Highland Square Building. Over the years, she has employed several associate chiropractic physicians, exercise physiologist, and currently offers chiropractic as well as massage therapy services, exercise and rehabilitation.  Doctor Miklos specializes in the supplement lines of Metagenics supplements, only offered through a select licensed physician, and doTERRA essential oils. She is often heard saying, "Brunswick has been very good to me!" While the practice is located in Brunswick, many of her patients travel significant distances to receive her care. She is very proud to say that her very first patient at this office remains a current patient, now with many of her family members as well!

Dr. Miklos resides in her hometown Brunswick with her 3 children and husband, Joe. She has been an active volunteer in numerous community groups including the American Red Cross, Medicare Fraud Control Unit, and the Brunswick Rotary Club. While some of her volunteerism has had to take a backseat while she raises her young children, she remains an active Board Member on the Northern Medina County Salvation Army, being honored by United Way as a volunteer of the year.  Dr. Miklos is also the co-founder and President of the non-profit Timura Foundation. When not working in her roles as Chiropractic Physician and Clinic Director, you may find Dr. Miklos enjoying her children's lacrosse games, swimming or reading.

​Amanda Adams

 Dr. Nicole S. Miklos

                           Chiropractic Associates was started in 2000.

                                                   Our mission statement

                                                      is short and simple;

                            Help the community we have grown up in.  

It is our belief not only have we reached that goal, the goal has not changed. Our reasoning for this is also simple, we are primarily a referral based clinic in which the community trust.  

Chiropractic Associates provides services that are proven over many years.  You will not find the latest healthcare fads, diet pills or "systems."  

We are successful because we know our limitations.  It is for this reason many 
referrals come from our relationships with other health care providers.  It is also for this reason our patients improve fast.  We share your goals and we work with the absolute best healthcare providers within their specialty as well. 

"We do not want you in our clinic." -Dr. Miklos

Odd thing to say if you want to stay in business... or is it?  If you are in our clinic all the time, how exactly are we improving the quality of your life?  If we are improving the quality of your life then our marketing efforts are done  and we can focus our time on you.  We do this with the understanding that if you are on our schedule it's probable you would want to be doing something else. 

If you are good at what you do and the community trusts you, it is that return on investment that makes us successful.